It’s The Final Countdown!

Posted on Jan 20, 2015

Or Can-Down, as our resident pun expert @icarus would probably say. (And we would simply ignore him as usual.)

On Monday, Metalman Pale Ale - available in 330ml cans102,000 cans arrived, along with 220,000 lids. The trays into which we will pack 24 cans at a time are still with the printer, but we have been assured they will be ready. Our friendly neighbourhood Rexam tech dude is arriving tomorrow to make sure our line is in tip-top shape, and the shrink wrapper and date coder have been tested and re-tested. A pallet of cans has been loaded into the depalletiser, and 3000 litres of beer has just been filtered into the bright beer tank, ready for carbonation.

In short, we are all systems go for our first production canning run on Thursday this week.


Cases of cans will start appearing from Thursday evening onwards in selected stockists, and our distributor is busy taking pre-orders this week for shipping next week.

Wish us luck :-)

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Posted on Jan 13, 2015

Instagram Happy New Beer! At Metalman HQ we’re back operating at full tilt and firing all cylinders.
And along with the New Year, there will be many new things – our cans are being printed and prepped for launch in the next week or two, our brewhouse upgrade is underway in the background (can’t happen soon enough, but so many other things getting in the way, progress is slower than we’d like) and other things that we’ll be unveiling throughout the year. Another new (ahem) thing we’re doing is finally embracing the wonderful world of Instagram. People are always asking us for more graphical evidence of what we’re doing, so @jacquioretro has kindly offered to step up and do the honours for those of us who like pictures more than words after a hard day’s graft.  (There’s not much on there for now, but bear with us, we’re working on it. Or at least Jacqui is.)

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It’s the most wonderful time of the beer!

Posted on Dec 23, 2014

Birds eye view of canning line and teamWe are all winding down here at Metalman Brewing HQ today. There are a couple of brews happening, a bit of cleaning and tidying, and some general odd-jobbery left to deal with. Having Christmas FM something edgy and cool playing in the background will help us along and then we’re out of here! Off to fill our bellies with fine food (well, whatever you call crisps and chocolate) and maybe some beer. We think it’s well deserved after the busy and exciting year we’ve had :-) We started off with four full-time employees, and are finishing out the year with six. (Seven if you include the dog.) We acquired new shiny conditioning tanks, a big brother for our little BBT, and a bigger brewery which will be commissioned next year. And last, but by no means least, we installed the first canning line of any Irish microbrewery. (Which I’m sure you’re all tired of us banging on about at this stage.) Phew! But of course, we couldn’t have done any of this without our super customers :-) We wanted to take a minute to thank you all for your continued support throughout 2014. We’re looking forward to churning out even more lovely beer for you to enjoy in 2015 (on draught AND in cans!). Have a wonderful Christmas, and we’ll see you all for a bigger and better 2015! Cheers! :)


Adam, Dave, Gráinne, Jacqui, Tim, Wayne and, of course, Carafa Special III

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