Ice Bucket Challenge!

Posted on Aug 21, 2014

icebucketchallenge-transparentbackgroundOn August 20th, Cam from Eight Degrees nominated our very own @metalman_gra to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge for Motor Neuron Disease. Not being one to shy away from a challenge (or anything else for that matter), she stepped up to the plate and and started to think about how Metalman Brewing could raise an extra bit of cash for the IMNDA while doing so.


  • €250

    - we’ll drench her with a bucket of stale beer as well as a bucket of ice-cold water fresh from the CLT!

  • €500

    - she gets the bucket of cold water first and then the stale beer afterwards – ewwww!

  • €750

    -  she gets drenched in downtown in Waterford at lunchtime – and the stale beer still applies!

  • €1000

    -  the venue moves to Waterford Regional Sports Centre on the evening of 29th of August at half time during the Munster-London Irish rugby game!

We’ve just thrown up a fundraising page on to make this as quick and painless for you lovely people as possible. You have until August 29th, so go on, get your wallets out – you know you want to…..


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Moving on Up!

Posted on Jul 31, 2014

newbre2It was all go here at Metalman on Monday… well, to be fair, it’s always all go, but it was especially chaotic on Monday, as we saw the arrival of our shiny, new (ok second-hand, but new to us!) brewery. It was all hands on deck as we juggled everything around to make way for the new arrivals. Old tanks and excess key kegs were hoisted upwards, shelving new_brew3was relocated, gas cylinders and hoses were re-homed and some inevitable old crap was dispatched to the scrap merchant. (And in the midst of it all, Jacqui pressed on with the day’s transfers and filtration – what a legend.)

There was a general feeling that if you stood idle for long enough, you’d be packaged, labelled and stashed away somewhere. However there wasn’t much time for idleness, so everybody has been accounted for. (We think.)

Strangely enough, the brewery feels a bit roomier even with the new brewery in it – a sure sign that a big tidy-up day was long overdue. Inevitably, now that they’re here looking at us, we will need to make them useful sooner rather than later. They’re pretty much naked, so we have plenty of work ahead of us to plan pipework, pumps and power. We’re also going to need a steam boiler for this brewhouse, so that’s going to be a change for us. (No idea where we’re going to put it!) So while everything is a bit cramped at the moment, it will be an exciting adjustment for us all when we commission the new brewhouse, as it will quadruple our batch size and make our lives a whole lot easier. Watch this space for updates on how we get on!

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Posted on Jul 16, 2014

We are sweltering in the sticky heat basking in the warmth of this unexpected Irish summer at Metalman Brewing today. Waterford is wholeheartedly living up to its moniker of “Sunny South East” (for once) and we’re beavering away making sure there’s enough beer to keep everyone hydrated as a result. Sunny and refreshing is the order of the day, and we’re very much looking forward to this Saturday when members of the Dublin Ladies Craft Beer Society will be making their way to us for a collaboration brew day. @metalman_gra has been hard at it drawing up a recipe for the occasion, and rumour has it she’s even going to don her wellies for the auspicious occasion! (That’s if she knows where they are at this stage, #penpusher.) She’s come up with a concoction involving ginger, cardamom and saison yeast, which was met with a bevvy of upturned thumbs. But every new beer needs a new name… so, what to call it? We broke out the ice pops to cool our sweaty heads minds for long enough to focus (that’s our story – and we’re sticking to it( and the exotic spiciness of the ingredients got us thinking of far off lands, and the legendary characters who came from them. The Queen of Sheba is one such character, so Chameleon Sheba has been christened! After a quick flick through the interweb we realised that there are many varied and interesting stories written about her. One such tale being that, when Sheba went to visit King Solomon in Jerusalem, he wanted to have his wicked way with her. In order to combat this, she promised not to take anything from his house if he, in turn, promised not to try any funny business. He agreed, and then set about feeding her some seriously spicy grub. She woke up gasping in the night.. needed a drink.. and you can guess the rest.* So we felt it fitting to name our thirst-quenching saison after her. Aren’t we inspired! Or suffering from heatstroke. It’s definitely one of them. Since it is unprecedented in this brewery for a new beer to have a name before it has even been brewed, we suspect it’s the latter :-)

*This came straight from Wikipedia. Believe it at your own risk.

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