Yes We Can! (Boom boom!)

Posted on Sep 3, 2014

Metalman Brewing - Cans imageRight folks, we’ve been very excited at Metalman HQ recently because we’ve been busy spending money. OK so some of it is money that we don’t *technically* have (yet), but you can’t be letting that get in the way of a good idea, right? After all, what’s the worst that could happen? The crash of a Celtic tiger? A recession to beat all recessions? Oh…..


ANYWAY! We have some news. For some time now, people have been asking us when we are going to start bottling our beer, to which our response was always “soon!” but which ultimately never turned out to be the case. As it now happens, we have a better answer to this – and it is “we won’t be bottling anytime soon anyway, that’s for sure!” And this is because we have a canning line on order :-) If the production scheduling gods are smiling on us, it should leave Canada later this month and arrive at Metalman sometime in October.


And then the fun begins!

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Ice Bucket Challenge – the video proof!

Posted on Sep 3, 2014

icebucketthumbnailFor those of you who were paying attention, you may have noticed that @metalman_gra was volunteering to get soaked by sour beer at the Munster rugby match last week for the ice bucket challenge, but that we have been suspiciously quiet about said event. Well we had fully intended to go ahead with said stunt except that (ahem) we forgot the beer on the evening in question. Oops. (She was quite relieved as it was bloody cold at the match. We still haven’t ruled out sabotage.)

Anyway, we got round to dousing her on Sunday morning, @metalman_tim stepped up too, and here’s the video.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated on the charity page – we raised €400 for IMNDA, the page will stay open for another couple of weeks and then the money will be sent to IMNDA so if you are still feeling generous, please feel free to throw them a few quid :)

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Ice Bucket Challenge!

Posted on Aug 21, 2014

icebucketchallenge-transparentbackgroundOn August 20th, Cam from Eight Degrees nominated our very own @metalman_gra to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge for Motor Neuron Disease. Not being one to shy away from a challenge (or anything else for that matter), she stepped up to the plate and and started to think about how Metalman Brewing could raise an extra bit of cash for the IMNDA while doing so.


  • €250

    - we’ll drench her with a bucket of stale beer as well as a bucket of ice-cold water fresh from the CLT!

  • €500

    - she gets the bucket of cold water first and then the stale beer afterwards – ewwww!

  • €750

    -  she gets drenched in downtown in Waterford at lunchtime – and the stale beer still applies!

  • €1000

    -  the venue moves to Waterford Regional Sports Centre on the evening of 29th of August at half time during the Munster-London Irish rugby game!

We’ve just thrown up a fundraising page on to make this as quick and painless for you lovely people as possible. You have until August 29th, so go on, get your wallets out – you know you want to…..


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