Ironmonger IPA

Posted on Feb 9, 2016


We’re all about new beers in 2016!

First, the announcement of a seasonal series starting with Spring (how’s that for alliteration?!?) and now the announcement that has been hinted at for the last week…Ironmonger IPA! Huzzah!

We got in touch with our good friend Geoff at the now award winning Best Craft Beer Bar 2016, 57 the Headline, to help us launch this beast of a beer on Thursday, 11th February. The style might not be all that well known <chuckle> but we’re hopeful that our interpretation, coming in at a very respectable 6.5% abv, will delight and satisfy even the most hardened hop fans.

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Posted on Jan 27, 2016

*********** WARNING – LONG POST ALERT! ************

We’ve been trying to get to this for a week or so now, but we wanted to share a little background to the beer making its first appearance at the Franciscan Well Winter Ales festival this weekend.

At the end of 2015, we brewed a batch of Equinox with a new yeast strain, but didn’t really get the results we wanted – the new yeast behaved a bit differently to the usual yeast we use, and we ended up with a much sweeter (and lower ABV) version of Equinox than we would want.

We had to decide what to do with this batch of beer – while it wasn’t Equinox, there was nothing actually wrong with it, just a different flavour profile to that which we were aiming for.

Question : What to do?

Answer : Experiment of course!


We took some Italian sun-dried lemon peel, some pink peppercorn and some thyme, added it to the conditioner, then transferred the beer in on top of it while crossing our fingers that we had gotten the ratios correct :) We were pretty happy with the results – the flavour profile a little herbal, slightly spicy but delicate and has a lightness that lends itself to spring-time. A new beer, huzzah! New beers are so much fun.

Next challenge – what to call it? Usually this is also fun, and doesn’t take us too long. How hard can it be, right? Coming up with a name? Well, not this time it would appear. This one has an ingredient list that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, and failed to lend us any hints or clues as to what direction to go in with it other then “oooh lovely spring beer!”.

So after much brainstorming, scratching of heads and wringing of hands about names and styles and artwork and experimentation, we decided to listen to it, and have come up with a solution to our conundrum : a new seasonal limited edition range 😀

There will be 4 a year, and they will be named – quite simply (or unimaginatively, depending on your point of view!) – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter :-)
This one is Spring, and the lads over at Vitamin are busy working on the graphics for it as I type.
Spring will be making its debut in casks at the Franciscan Well Winter Ales Festival this coming weekend – and for our nut allergy sufferers out there, it seems that the pink peppercorn tree is a member of the cashew family, so please beware. (You learn something new in this brewing lark every week.)
Lots of other intriguing Irish beer on cask at the Franciscan Well this weekend, looks like a great line-up so see you there!
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Cask Beer and Strange Brews Festival

Posted on Jan 18, 2016

Hoppy New Year everybody! Now that all of the resolutions have been in place for a couple of weeks, what better way to plan on breaking them all than by a trip to the annual Franciscan Well Cask Festival? From Thursday 28th Jan – Sunday 31st Jan, a fine selection of cask beers from a variety of Irish breweries will be on offer. We will of course be there, representing with dry-hopped Pale Ale and a new brew that is so special it doesn’t even have a name it. Happily it falls into the ‘Strange Brew’ category of this year’s fest, highlighting the some of the fun experimental brews being created in Ireland at the moment. In case you get tired of drinking beer (sure, like that would ever happen), you can spend some time hearing about it instead (or as well), as there will be a ‘Meet the Brewer’ event on Saturday afternoon running on into the evening, along with a beer competition being hosted by Beoir with the winner being announced at the festival. What better way to end ‘Dry January’, than by ending it early! See you there :)caskfest cask beer poster

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