Posted on Jul 16, 2014

We are sweltering in the sticky heat basking in the warmth of this unexpected Irish summer at Metalman Brewing today. Waterford is wholeheartedly living up to its moniker of “Sunny South East” (for once) and we’re beavering away making sure there’s enough beer to keep everyone hydrated as a result. Sunny and refreshing is the order of the day, and we’re very much looking forward to this Saturday when members of the Dublin Ladies Craft Beer Society will be making their way to us for a collaboration brew day. @metalman_gra has been hard at it drawing up a recipe for the occasion, and rumour has it she’s even going to don her wellies for the auspicious occasion! (That’s if she knows where they are at this stage, #penpusher.) She’s come up with a concoction involving ginger, cardamom and saison yeast, which was met with a bevvy of upturned thumbs. But every new beer needs a new name… so, what to call it? We broke out the ice pops to cool our sweaty heads minds for long enough to focus (that’s our story – and we’re sticking to it( and the exotic spiciness of the ingredients got us thinking of far off lands, and the legendary characters who came from them. The Queen of Sheba is one such character, so Chameleon Sheba has been christened! After a quick flick through the interweb we realised that there are many varied and interesting stories written about her. One such tale being that, when Sheba went to visit King Solomon in Jerusalem, he wanted to have his wicked way with her. In order to combat this, she promised not to take anything from his house if he, in turn, promised not to try any funny business. He agreed, and then set about feeding her some seriously spicy grub. She woke up gasping in the night.. needed a drink.. and you can guess the rest.* So we felt it fitting to name our thirst-quenching saison after her. Aren’t we inspired! Or suffering from heatstroke. It’s definitely one of them. Since it is unprecedented in this brewery for a new beer to have a name before it has even been brewed, we suspect it’s the latter :-)

*This came straight from Wikipedia. Believe it at your own risk.

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Taps a-gogo!

Posted on Jul 9, 2014

New Metalman Countermount at OskarsWe’re feeling all warm and fuzzy at Metalman Brewing these days! We’ve been welcomed into the fold by many of our local publicans here in Waterford over the past few years, and lately the list has  gotten that bit longer. Most recently we have installed our Pale Ale in The Gingerman, The Three Shippes and Thomas Maher‘s, and we now have permanent draught in Bodega! Just in time to quench your summer thirst. Our distributor (Four Corners) have also been doing a splendid job in rolling out taps, with recent additions including Blackbird, The Spencer Hotel, The Attic Bar, The Bankers and Brubakers, among others! For the full sweep of locations, cast your eye over our map of stockists :)

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Yeast and spice and all things nice…

Posted on Jul 3, 2014

Metalman Brewing experimental new beerOnce again, we’ll be travelling to the Irish Craft Beer Festival which returns to the RDS, Dublin from 4-7th September. It’s a celebration of Irish Craft Brewing, live music, and delicious Irish artisan food. If you’re into any of these elements, get it in your calendar! So, it’s a day of experimentation here at Metalman Brewing, the aim being to arrive at the RDS armed with something extra special for all of you lovely beer enthusiasts. (The results of some of our previous recipe tinkering can be seen in the Chameleon series on the ‘Our Beers‘ page!). We’ve taken our Saison yeast out of the cold room, and are thinking of coupling it with some tasty fresh ingredients to make something…..well, something! We’re not quite sure ourselves what it’s going to be yet :-) But then that’s what makes it fun!

The origins of the Saison style are a little unclear, but some say it cam from the Flanders area, a farmhouse beer brewed in the autumn or winter for consumption by farm workers during the summer. (We’re taking a few liberties with the time-line, obviously! ) Saison yeast strains (possibly related to red wine yeast strains, according to some) can add a plethora of spicy flavours to a beer, so plenty of fun can be had with ingredient additions to complement this. Much nom! Very spice! Such experiment!

We’ll keep you posted :-)!


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