Ho, Ho, Ho!

Posted on Dec 4, 2014

MetalMan-logo-rays-for-dark-hatMince pies have already been consumed here at Metalman HQ, meaning only one thing… it’s nearly the most wonderful time of the year again! If you’re finding it hard to think of the perfect pressie for your Metalman-loving partner, friend, colleague, bingo-caller, etc then look no further – our swag page has got you covered.  Plenty of handy stocking fillers to beat those Kris-Kindle-shopping blues.

(You are also allowed to treat yourself.. ah go on.. it’s Christmas. Be the envy of the staff party when you rock up in some savage Metalman attire. You’ll probably even get that raise* you were looking for.)

*wearing Metalman gear may or may not increase your chances of getting a raise.

Note – Irish orders received by Dec 20th, and Great Britain by 19th Dec, will be delivered in time for Christmas. Unfortunately Swag Santa won’t be able to reach the rest of the world before Christmas at this point.

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C-Day at Metalman Brewing!

Posted on Nov 10, 2014

Well, well, well.  After months (years) of thinking, planning, researching, more thcanning lineinking, more planning, some smashing of piggy banks, our very own canning line has arrived at the brewery. It sailed all the way from Canada to Cork, and finally found its way home to us in Waterford last Friday. Last week was spent making the final arrangements necessary to give the canning line a home. Transplanting tanks, shimmying shelves, frolicking with forklifts (?!), were all the order of the day. It arrived in a container on Friday morning, so the Metalman troops (and a few helpful forklift-bearing neighbours) swiftly set about unloading. There were moments of breath-holding to the sound of creaking wood, and relieved exhalations all round when the three crates made it safely to the brewery floor.  There were obvious stops for tea and coffee along the way, and some obligatory beard-stroking. (Thank heavens for the plethora of hirsute men – the ladies were significantly under-performing in this regard, apart from @metalman_carafa.)

Like children on Christmas morning, the un-boxing was met with a chorus of “ooooh”s and “aaaaah”s. (And there was only one hammer-related incident which involved some pointing and laughing at the bearer.) It’s very shiny and pretty, but the magnitude of what it represents is far greater than its (relatively) modest size. The first microbrewery in Ireland to begin canning its product is a pretty big thing, so we’re a bit beside ourselves with excitement to say the least. Needless to say, we wet the canning line’s head with a beer on Friday night, but all that unboxing and positioning really only represents the start of it. We’ve been flat out since sorting out the services to feed it –  water, CO2, compressed air and, of course beer. The engineer will be here on Wednesday to commission it with us – and then the real fun begins!





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Tap Takeover!

Posted on Oct 7, 2014

ARTHURS-TapTakeoverTap whatnow?! On Thursday 16th of October from 6.30pm-10.30pm, Metalman Brewing will be doing their first ever tap-takeover at Arthur’s pub 28 Thomas Street Dublin. Like pirates of the craft beer high-seas, we’ll be commandeering lines and filling them with Metalman beer – arrrrrrrr! Four Metalman beers and a dry-hopped cask will be available on the night, and those who look carefully may spot a couple of Metalman staff waffling on about beer in a corner somewhere.

Which beers will we be bringing? Ah sure, telling would ruin the surprise! (i.e. We don’t quite know yet….but one of them will be Can Protoype #1!)

Admission is just  €5  and that gets you 2 beers, there will also be some food pairing on the night. Tickets are limited and selling out fast, you can pick them up from behind the bar at Arthur’s. See you on the 16th!


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