Indie Beer Week

Posted on Jun 6, 2017

Indie Beer Week

Indie Beer Week – We’re Celebrating Real Irish Beer

Indie Beer Week is a week long celebration of independent Irish brewing. From Waterford to Donegal, Galway to Dublin, your local breweries will be opening their doors for fun and excitement. Tours, tastings, music, food, and much, much more, awaits. This year 26 breweries will partake in events in their local communities.

What makes us an independent brewery?

We are independently owned, along with the other 64 microbreweries in Ireland, which now employ over 400 people? This creates a huge job market, not just for the people directly employed by the microbreweries but also indirectly through pubs and off-licences and also the farmers who grow the grains.

Why Irish Independent Beer?

We believe that having many small microbreweries is also key to you, the consumer. It gives you a choice in what you choose to drink. Nobody wants to be drinking the same beer every day, that gets boring so by supporting local breweries you are ensuring that there is always a choice in your drink and that keeps things exciting. After all, variety is the spice of life!

What’s the Metalman Event?

We wanted to do something a little bit different (well, don’t we always at Metalman). We love that there is a strong history of Irish pubs and businesses being independently owned. There are people just like us all around Waterford! So we have decided to pair up with our local community and hide some clues around our hometown,Waterford. Starting at the brewery, you will be given a beer, a clue and directions on how to complete the scavenger hunt. You will follow the clues and work you way from the ‘top of the town’, as we would say colloquially, following a trail of Metalman clues.

The good news: there’s no time limit, so feel free to take the afternoon and have a beer along the way.

For more information and to register today check out our Eventbrite page below:

Yes, there will be beer involved, so don’t forget that this event is over 18’s only.

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