Obliquity – Collaboration with Solvay Society

Posted on Sep 20, 2017

Every Good Story Begins in a Pub – and So Begins the Story of Obliquity.


Anyone who is part of the beer loving scene, whether its brewer, blogger or boozer, realises that one of the most interesting aspects is the people you meet within the industry, And that’s exactly how the story of our collaboration brew, Obliquity begins.

 Obliquity begins -Gr√°inne, Tim and I met by chance; I saw that they were in town (I was already following the MEtalman twitter at the time) and they said they were at the Euston Tap"

We took a trip over London, of course this was beer related trip so for it was for both business and pleasure and decided to stop in the Euston Tap for a beverage. ūüėČ We had never met Roman before but he tweeted us when he realised that he was close by. Roman began telling us about his brewery, Solvay Society and his love for Belgian styles beers. As we chatted on Roman told us that he had been to Waterford, and visited there quite regularly.

From then we kept in contact with Roman and each time he popped over to Waterford, we would meet up with him. The last time we met we *drunkenly* decided that we have to brew a collaborative beer – we didn’t know what it would be, just that we had to do one!

When we eventually got around to discussing the style, Roman suggested something that he had wanted to do for a while but didn’t have the facilities at his brewery: a blonde/lager hybrid. We decided upon pitching a saison yeast initially and then pumping in active lager yeast part way through fermentation. The saison strain chosen would give a peppery/lemon feel and the lager would provide a really clean base. ¬†the beer was brewed in the end of June.

The Result

A hazy golden beer with a tangy bubblegum aromatics and a full body followed¬†by a dry finish¬†that doesn’t taste quite like anything we’ve brewed before. It’s brewed¬†with pale malts, European hops and two different yeast strains – a German lager yeast and specifically Belgian saison yeast.

So we have a hyrbid. An off-kilter saison/lager hybrid.

Obliqui- what?

Obliquity ¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬†\¬†Ňć-ňąbli-kw…ô-tńst,¬†…ô-

1. ¬†the angle between the planes of the earth’s equator and orbit having¬†a value of about 23¬į27

2. indirectness or deliberate obscurity. In this case of two styles of beer.

Roman and I both have backgrounds in physics and, with a beer the ber being a little unconventional, we decided to call it Obliquity. It was a great collaboration to do as we used everything we had in our arsenal and hopefully represents what our respective breweries are about!

The great thing about Obliquity is we get to send some over to Roman in London. Stay tuned to Solvay Society’s Twitter feed to find out where they send it. We have sent some to our good friends in Ireland Craft Beer, so stay tuned to their social media to find out where they send Obliquity. We will have updates on our social media feeds too for this side of the water.

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