Nitro Fest with Left Hand Brewing

Posted on Nov 1, 2017

Nitro Fest 2017 - Left Hand Brewing

Colorado, Here We Come!

Shortly, one of our beers will take it longest voyage to date – almost 7000km – where it will land in Colorado and so begins a list of firsts for us here at Metalman.

Our first time shipping beer to the US.

Our first beer festival in the US.

We are the first Irish brewery to attend Nitro Fest.

And of course, our first nitro beer – specially brewed for NITRO FEST 2017! (Thanks again for the invite Left Hand Brewing). Here, our Nitro Ironmonger, along wth 40+ breweries will be pouring in in the home with the most famous nitro beer of all, Left Hand Brewing’s Nitro Milk Stout.

What’s a Nitro Beer?

2 Glasses of NItro Ironmonger on steps

If you’ve ever had a nitro beer, you’re sure to be able to answer this questions and one word comes to mind – mouthfeel. Most beers in Ireland are carbonated. However nitro beers are slowly growing in popularity, especially as breweries are finding ways to package them in cans and bottles, allowing for that smooth draught moutfeel you experience in pubs. But let’s leave the exact explanation to the experts in Left Hand Brewing;

“Nitrogen has minimal solubility, forming LOTS of tiny bubbles in your glass, with only one place to go – up! When the beer is dispensed, a cascade of these tiny Nitrogen bubbles unleashes, gliding upwards to reveal the body and build a tight thick head. The outcome is a Nitro beer that is lightly carbonated with a creamy texture and smoother flavor profile, in contrast to a CO2 beer that has a more prickly carbonation and overt flavor.” Left Hand Brewing Website, 2017


Tim Nitro IronmongerWhat Beer Did We Brew?

We decided to take one of our core beers, Ironmonger! Now you may ask why we chose our IPA. IPA’s are synonymous with big hop flavours  aren’t they? Well yes, but we are just as proud of the malty backbone in our Ironmonger that we though it would be a good beer to turn nitro. Now we get to focus our attention of those biscuity malt flavours

Next Stop, Colorado!

The next time we’ll see it the festival will be in full swing and in great company of 40+ other nitro brews. For you here in Ireland, keep an eye on our news feed, we’ve kept some here so it will soon be available in select pubs soon. Stay tuned to our social media feeds to find out where and how Gráinne and Tim get on at Nitro Fest.






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