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Posted on Dec 11, 2017

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When Tim and Gráinne decided to set up the brewery back in 2010, it was always on their radar to someday open a beer bar. They didn’t put it on the agenda for the first few years while they concentrated on the Metalman brand, but they would always keep a sneaky eye out on what was on the market, in case the perfect opportunity presented itself.

Metalman Bar sign

And November 9th 2017 was precisely when it did.

A bar which had been vacant for the preceding few months was available to lease. One of our customers let us know and suggested we go look at it, which we did.

And it was perfect : the right size, the right location and – perhaps crucially – the right timing. We knew we were going to have a challenge ahead of us though – with no background in running pubs, and because we wouldn’t be soliciting infrastructural support from big global drinks companies, it was going to take everything we had to get a functional (and awesome) Metalman bar open for business.

So why go down this route at all?

Well, beer bars are such an integral part of beer discovery –  visiting brewpubs and specialty bars, trying new beers, finding out about upcoming releases – there was always something to learn, and we feel that the bar is one of the best places to learn – especially bars where the bartenders are even more excited about good beer than you are! As a brewery, we manufacture and wholesale beer, but we don’t have nearly as much opportunity to talk to the people who are drinking our beer as we would like. We knew that standing across the bar from them would change that completely, and help us to learn even more about what our customers are looking for.

Metalman Bar Waterford

Commence three manic weeks of fit-out and prep, and we tentatively opened the doors on Friday December 1st.

Metalman Bar Taps

Our aim was to open a bar that fundamentally echoed what we do at the brewery. We only sell beer from independent breweries. We have a nice wine selection, because there’s no point going to great lengths over the beer and then expecting people to drink crappy wine. (We plan to change it regularly as well.) We have coffee from local coffee suppliers. We have a lovely range of Irish whiskey. (And a little bit of scotch as well.) We’ve got some good gin going on, and Irish tonic waters.We sell mixers in cans rather than glass when possible, because we believe it’s a great package, and it’s better for the environment. And we even have a non-alcoholic beer that’s pretty drinkable 🙂


So come on down and tell us what you think – all feedback appreciated while we navigate this new adventure! We’re open from 4pm every day (2pm on Saturday/Sunday) and we’ll post our Christmas opening hours a bit closer to the time.





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