Obliquity – Collaboration with Solvay Society

Posted on Sep 20, 2017

Every Good Story Begins in a Pub – and So Begins the Story of Obliquity.


Anyone who is part of the beer loving scene, whether its brewer, blogger or boozer, realises that one of the most interesting aspects is the people you meet within the industry, And that’s exactly how the story of our collaboration brew, Obliquity begins.

 Obliquity begins -Gráinne, Tim and I met by chance; I saw that they were in town (I was already following the MEtalman twitter at the time) and they said they were at the Euston Tap"

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Look What’s Back – Windjammer!

Posted on Jun 30, 2017


Fun Fact: A Windjammer is a class of Tall Ship. We first brewed this beer in 2011 ahead of the Tall Ships’ visit in July 2011. Can you believe that was 6 years ago?

An Antipodean extravaganza, find out all about Windjammer here.



 Metalman Windjammer

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Indie Beer Week

Posted on Jun 6, 2017

Indie Beer Week

Indie Beer Week – We’re Celebrating Real Irish Beer

Indie Beer Week is a week long celebration of independent Irish brewing. From Waterford to Donegal, Galway to Dublin, your local breweries will be opening their doors for fun and excitement. Tours, tastings, music, food, and much, much more, awaits. This year 26 breweries will partake in events in their local communities.

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The Razzbeer Razzmatazz

Posted on Nov 14, 2016

Razzbeer Can‘Razzbeer?’

‘A spicy sour beer?’

‘Raspberries and chillies?’

We thought this one might take a little explaining. It’s a lot to take in…and fit in to one can, but we did it!

Firstly, what’s a sour beer?

Sour beers have been gaining more and more popularity in the beer world in the last few years. The first time we really noticed it was when we were at Craft Brewers Conference in Portland, Oregon in 2015 – there were sour beers everywhere.

Concept : The history of sour beer is very varied – sometimes beer goes sour by mistake, but sometimes it is soured intentionally, as the souring bacteria can create interesting flavours in the beer. In the cases where it is soured intentionally, it is done by introducing souring bacteria to the beer at some point in the brewing process and allowing the beer to go sour in managed conditions. Now the thing about bacteria is that they are really really really small, and can be very hard to find if they escape their managed conditions! Therefore deliberately souring a beer is inherently risky in terms of cross-contamination in your brewery. One way to avoid (or at least minimise) the risk of this is do brew what is known as a “kettle sour”. This process used the brew-kettle as the souring vessel – the brew is started as normal and continues to the start of the boil process, but instead of adding hops, the wort is cooled to the appropriate temperature and the souring bacteria are pitched into the warm liquid. Once the souring process is complete, the wort is then boiled up again and the brew continued as normal, which kills all the souring bacteria and keeps the rest of the brewery safe. (Assuming sensible sanitation practices are followed!)

So now we have our sour beer base but what makes it Razzbeer?

Once the brewday process was complete, we transfer the brew to a fermenter as normal and pitched our normal house ale yeast to start the saccharomyces (yeast) fermentation. When the fermentation was complete, we transferred some of it to wine barrels, some of it to casks with other fruit infusions (like cucumber and mango!) and the rest of it went into a fermenter with lots of raspberries and some dried chillies – the maturation took about 10 days, by which time the beer had gained a lovely raspberry blush colour, and was tasting damn good! In the meantime, we did a can design, came up with a name and got the beer ready to leave the brewery  – Razzbeer was on its way!

To keep up to date with what’s brewin’, check us out on social media.




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Yus! It’s time for another festival…

Posted on Oct 25, 2016

…and this time it’s across the bridge to attend Savour Kilkenny, Festival of Food. We’ll be there from Saturday morning, surrounded by our craft beer friends, loads of tempting food stalls and some funky tunes!


We are packing the van to the brim this year and bringing you 6 of our yummy beers on draught and 6 varieties in can – woooo! Here’s a little peek at what we’ll have with us…

Summer Pale Ale – an English style pale ale (the last of this year’s summer, in more ways than one!)

Blaager – our lager brewed with Waterford Blaas

Pale Ale – our flagship American style pale ale

Equinox – wheat lager brewed with orange, lemon and coriander

Ironmonger – amber IPA

Ginger – blonde beer brewed with fresh ginger

Heatsink – our *legendary* smoked chilli porter


Be sure to pop by on Saturday (10:30am – 6pm) and Sunday (12:30pm – 6pm) and say ‘Hi!’ and sample some of our seasonal brews!

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And again! Gosh this is fun

Posted on Feb 28, 2013

Metalman Brewing Chameleon Brau fontheadWe can’t resist it. Another Chameleon incarnation, this time we’ve dabbled with the ubiquitous lager style, after much pressure from many directions. (Hey if it worked with the lager then it might work with bottles, so keep pressuring us 🙂 ) Chameleon Brau is 4.3%, hopped with Saaz and Tettnang to give a light floral character, and will be coming to a rotating tap near you, as long as we don’t run out!

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