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Year – Round Beers


Pale AleMetalman Pale Ale Tap Badge


 American style pale ale, dark gold in colour with a delicate white head. Citrus and floral aromas lead into hop flavours characterised by grapefruit and mandarin produced by American hops. A dry bitter finish makes this an eminently enjoyable and refreshing beer.

ABV : 4.3%

Available in : Keg, Cask, Can (woohoo!)


equinox bwheat lager badge metalmanEquinox


Sunshine in a glass! Equinox is a refreshing wheat lager designed with lazy sunny days in mind. Hazy bright yellow, it’s a smooth and refreshing beer with a light dry finish. Orange and lemon peel are added to the brew kettle for a burst of citrus, along with some ground coriander to give a hint of spice on the end – tantalizingly quaffable!

ABV : 4.6%

Available in : Keg, Cask & Now in Cans!


 HeatsinkHeat sink smoked porter

A delectable smoked porter made with lots of smoked German malt. Aromas of chocolate and coffee give way to the smoked character which is followed by a pleasant warmth on the finish from the Cayenne pepper we use in the kettle.

ABV : 5%

Available in : Keg, Cask & Now in Cans!



Time for some hoppy goodness! Who doesn’t crave a luscious malty body and a fruity citrus finish? Get stuck into this IPA and let the good times roll!

ABV : 6.5%

Available in : Keg, Cask & Cans!




Current Seasonals


Sgt. PepperSgt. Pepper tap badge

A modern twist with a classic style. Traditional farmhouse saison that has been conditioned on fresh sage and white pepper to give it a herbal spicy kick. The spicy notes come through first from the white pepper, followed by a herbal character from the sage.

ABV: 4.8%

Available in: Cans






“Never has so much Waterford been packed into such a small space!”, as a fan has noted about our Blaager cans! Lager brewed with Waterford blaas, a complex beer to tantalise the taste buds of both lager and non-lager fans!

ABV : 4.6%

Available in : Keg, Cask & Cans!






GingerMetalm,an Ginger tap badge

A ginger zinger!A blonde beer brewed  and conditioned with fresh root ginger. The fresh root ginger aroma jumpes right out at yo, with a biscuity malt in the background. Great, fresh ginger flavour but without the sweetness of the non-alcoholic versions – Remember this is a beer with ginger, not a ginger beer!

ABV: 4.3%

Available in: Kegs and Cans




Metalman WindjammerWindjammer

A deep amber ale, hopped exclusively with New Zealand hops. Tropical fruits notes from the NZ hops with caramel notes in the background. This beer delivers a luscious, full-bodied mouthfeel with toffee and caramel flavours leading into tropical fruits flavours of mango and pineapple from the hops with the wonderful addition of grapes from the Nelson Sauvin hops.

ABV: 4.8%

Available in: Kegs




Port Lager

Lager, the Waterford way! Crisp, unfiltered lager with a clean finish. Refreshing with just the right amount of bitterness on the finish, leaving you wanting more.

ABV: 4.1%

Available in: Kegs and cans coming soon!






Obliquity tap badgeObliquity

Collaboration brew with Solvay Society.

An off-kilter saison lager hybrid.Brewed with pale malts, European hops,  and 2 strains of yeast – a German lager yeast and a speciality Belgian saison yeast.

ABV: 6.1%

Available in kegs and cans.

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